Italian Porcelain Dolls

Porcelain dolls and other dollhouse figures in 1/12 scale. In our workshop we elaborate any porcelain doll or character you need for your 1/12 scale dollhouse.

Elegant Victorian ladies, nice grandmothers, beautiful cooks, mammy… .etc,..Elegant men, in tuxedos, grandparents, butlers, cooks, Children, girls and babies. All of our characters originate from our exclusive designs. We can make any character for your doll house, please express your requests. All our dolls are made with very high temperature fired porcelain. The process is long and very slow but quality is fundamental for us. As well as our characters have been drawn with the maximum possible mobility allowing (in most cases) their placement in any position by bending legs and arms.

Before you you will find the fruit of all our effort and dedication that will be the final touch to give life to your doll’s house. We hope you like them and that they give you pleasure, the same pleasure we felt in making them.