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Participate in the Dollhouse Miniatures Show Madrid, featuring products such as playhouses, miniatures, stuffed animals, and a large array of dollhouses and miniatures.

Miniature porcelain dolls

Get your hands on these one-of-a-kind, handmade, classic, and exclusive miniature porcelain dolls to display in your home or as a gift to loved ones.

Beatricce's Miniatures

Purchase branded miniature dolls and a large selection of miniatures for your dollhouses 1/12 scale miniatures to complete the overall look.

Miniature Porcelain Doll

makes personalised gifts

Gift something unique by personalising miniature porcelain dolls based on what the receiver likes and leaving a lasting impression!

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Personalized Miniature Statues Gift Ideas

Miniature Statues

If you want to express your love or appreciation for someone, one of the best ways to do so is through gifts. And when it comes to selecting a gift, particularly for loved ones, you will only want what’s best. So, what are your options for fulfilling your desire to give a good but unique gift? These are miniature statues that can be personalized and given as gifts. These gifts are the perfect option for a special occasion that is also one-of-a-kind. So, if you’re looking for cute and personalized miniature gifts, scroll down and choose from the various options available.

mini person

A mini person

Whether it’s someone’s birthday or you just want to surprise them on a special occasion, a miniature version of that person is one of the best options. Typically, in any gift shop or even online websites and shops, a mini version of an individual is created, which is an ideal way of gifting a personalized and unique miniature statue.

This is also a special gifting option that not many people will consider. And the person you’re giving it to will cherish it for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, they will remember you every time they see this gift and a reflection of themselves in that small statue!

A bobblehead

A bobblehead is a type of special edition miniature doll with an enormous head with the body that is attached to a spring or a winch, causing the head to wiggle with just a gentle tap or motion. You can get a bobblehead as an actor, a movie character, or a sports figure.

You can also personalize it based on what your loved one enjoys to make it more interesting and distinctive. This bobblehead statue is great for keeping on the dashboard of a car to make it more fun. This is a great gift idea and playful addition to an otherwise boring car interior.

Miniature wooden gulbonda

The name of this doll may sound strange, but it is a unique doll that can be customized and given a sharp finish. These are typically 3D miniature statues that do not always depict the exact appearance of a character. Every 3D miniature is completely handcrafted from actual wood cutouts rather than gashes and is completed with long-lasting, toy-safe dyes.

Tiny statues are hand-made and hand-decorated with great care in this doll. It is a creative process that differs from cartoon version miniatures in its individualistic look of painting, artwork, and outlining, making it an ideal gifting option.

Miniature wooden gulbonda

3D printed replica plastic dolls

Some businesses make good use of plastic by recycling it to make customized doll figures, which is also a great gifting option. These dolls are typically composed of organic PLA plastic, which is waterproof and unbreakable.

These 3D replica dolls are typically printed in FDM printers and match a photograph nearly 80% of the time. The whole method involves constructing a 3D model in software using just a few high-quality images, printing it, swabbing out the surplus, and finishing it with acrylic colours.


Steps To Make Miniature Porcelain Dolls

Miniature Porcelain Dolls

You’ve probably seen clay dolls, but do you know what they’re called? It’s known as a porcelain doll! It is a special doll and is made with a head and parts of the body made from porcelain. This unique clay is known for being extremely feasible, sturdy, and stunning. Porcelain dolls are also known as china dolls, which refers to another name for porcelain. This doll style became prevalent in Europe in the nineteenth century, and only a few dollmakers still make classical porcelain dolls. If you want to know how to make these dolls, keep reading this article!

Decide the type of porcelain doll

Before you begin making a porcelain doll, you must first decide what type of doll you want to make. This includes the doll’s size and gender, whether a boy or a girl, a man or a woman. Aside from the features, you must also decide whether it will be entirely made of porcelain. Porcelain slip is made by diluting and straining clay until it is steadily soft. Its what will be used for the doll’s porcelain bits. Depending on your choices, purchase a mould suitable for making your favourite colour doll.

Prepare porcelain structure

After making all your purchases, it’s time to start making porcelain. You must make the porcelain slip according to the package recommendations. You must then pour it into the mould, ensuring it is filled completely. Once the mould has been filled, it must be placed in the furnace and fired for 8 to 10 hours.

porcelain doll

However, do not overheat the porcelain as this will cause it to burn or fracture. The mould can then be removed from the furnace and allowed to cool fully. Once the porcelain has cooled, gently remove it from the mould and sand it with sandpaper till all the corners are seamless, wiping away any other dirt particles.

Get on with painting

After your porcelain structures have been set, you can paint them with your favourite colour utilising a paintbrush and acrylic paint on the entire body. If necessary, you can also apply a top coat to achieve the preferred impact. Pay close attention to the head’s specifics, like the mouth, fingers, and toes, and underline the eye.

Use a fine paintbrush and a profound colour of paint to create a great effect all around the eyes. To achieve the appearance of damp lips, apply a transparent polished bit of paint over the lips. Similarly, paint the entire body with extreme detail to highlight each body part of the doll.

Work on the accessories

Finally, beginning at the top, work on the accessories to cover up your dolls. You can use a wig for hair and glue it in place. You can use fake eyelashes to make your eyes appear larger. Finally, complement the overall look with jewellery and a nice dress.

Miniature porcelain dolls for dollhouses 1/12 scale