Our Products

All our dolls are made of porcelain fired at high temperature and starting from our own molds. The process is long, too slow for our wishes, but quality is essential for us.

Avoiding glue as much as possible, sewing as much as possible, is something that Carolina Artesanas does not intend to give up.

Another of the characteristics of our dolls is the fire painting, this detail, which sometimes goes unnoticed, is essential to ensure that the features of our dolls endure over time fixed in porcelain.

Likewise, our characters have been designed with the maximum possible mobility allowing (in most cases) to place them in any position just by bending their arms or legs.

Before you is the fruit of all our effort, dedication and care, turned into those little beings that will be the final touch, that will give life to your dollhouse. We hope you like them and that you enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them.